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Total Edge Security

All areas of the IT ecosystem are exposed to a cyberattack to a greater or lesser extent. At Transparent Edge, we deal with hundreds of them on a daily basis, which allows us to develop different technologies for efficient threat detection and mitigation.

All of them are unified in a complete and robust digital cybersecurity solution to protect the entirety of your online business. With real-time visibility, precise controls, and the ability to stop the most sophisticated threats from a single platform. Free up your team while shielding the security of your entire digital system.

Total cybersecurity at the edge
Solución digital integral


Our active monitoring service proactively detects, manages, and mitigates attacks so you can grow your business. No need to define rules and ensuring minimum latency, but with all the visibility offered by our advanced analytics system.

Hacking techniques are constantly evolving, and keeping up is complex. Our team of experts provides an efficient and knowledgeable response to any cybersecurity incident.

Cybersecurity Solutions


Our next-generation WAF detects and blocks malicious traffic, protecting your websites and APIs from application attacks and exploiting vulnerabilities.

  • SQL Injection, XSS, and CSRF
  • Advanced threats beyond the OWASP top 10
  • Account Takeover (ATO)
  • Multi-level security support
  • Strict Mode & Detection-Only Mode
  • TLS Encryption
  • Bot detection (captcha, cookie, Javascript)
  • Rate limit
  • Custom Signatures

Bot Mitigation

This solution protects websites, applications and APIs in real time from the action of the most advanced and evasive bots, without harming the traffic essential to your business.

  • IPs with low reputation
  • Low-reputation datacenters
  • Low Reputation ASN
  • Abuse Lists
  • VPNs
  • TOR Networks
  • Anonymous Proxy Networks
  • List of bogons


Our state-of-the-art CDN efficiently mitigates layers 3 & 4 web service outage DDoS, while specialized layer 7 protection capabilities curb application-targeted volume attacks.

In layers 3 & 4:

  • Flood of SSL, UDP, GRE-IP UDP, SYN, TCP RST, TCP CONNECT() and TCP ACK negotiation
  • DNS, NTP, CharGEN, Memcache, SSD, and SNMP amplification
  • Tsunami SYN
  • Fragmentation and CLDAP attacks
  • ARMS (ARD)
  • Jenkins
  • DNS Dropper
  • CoAP
  • WS-DD
  • NetBIOS

On layer 7:

  • Flood of HTTP/S, login, author, session, and content requests
  • DNS Amplification
  • Brute Force Attacks
  • Slowlories

Anomaly Detection

This system analyzes your website traffic to detect patterns and identify alterations that may be a sign of an attack. It alerts when an anomaly is detected and offers the possibility of activating our systems to react to an incident when the time comes.

  • Increased bandwidth and/or requests (DDoS detection)
  • Increase in requests per IP (identifies potential crawlers and scrappers)
  • Decreased cache effectiveness
  • Increased the number of status code 503
  • Increased origin response time
  • Vulnerability Scanner

European DNA

Our values are European and, in accordance with the GDPR of our community, we do not track or identify users. We recognize malicious IP addresses thanks to the advanced technology of our solutions.

Early Support

We have experts who respond efficiently 24×7 to mitigate attacks as quickly as possible. No tool is 100% safe without an early response team behind it.

Real Visibility

Our advanced analytics collect and analyze traffic to detect any incidents. And, in addition, it retains the data for a week in case it is necessary to bring an incident to the attention of the State Security Forces and Corps.