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IP Analysis: effortlessly distinguish and filter out internet noise

In today’s digital landscape, skillfully managing internet traffic is crucial for maintaining security. IP Analysis enables your team to focus on what’s really important. Our tool can efficiently filter out internet background noise—unwanted traffic that clogs your systems and overwhelms your security tools.

This cutting-edge solution is accessible via API and provides real-time insights into IP activity, ensuring your security team can prioritize critical tasks and enhance overall efficiency.

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What is internet noise?

Internet noise refers to the unwanted traffic and irrelevant alerts generated by harmless IP activity.

This can significantly impact data transmission and hinder the detection of actual threats.

Comprehensive IP insights

Our IP Analysis solution assists in managing internet background noise, detecting real threats, and eliminating false positives. By saving hours of manual investigation, it enables your team to focus on higher-priority security tasks and improve overall operational efficiency.


Prioritize your focus

Filtering out internet background noise will ensure you can have extra time to identify and prioritize real threats.

IP Analysis reduces time-consuming false positives so you can focus on surveillance and management of potentially risky traffic.


Enhanced security team performance

Save hours of manual investigation and analysis. Allow your analysts to concentrate on critical security issues.

Our IP Analysis tool helps identify and filter this noise accurately and effectively.

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Automated enrichment and tagging

Our analytics engine automates the categorization of IP activities.

Provides context to communications with common business applications.


Real-time IP monitoring

Continuous monitoring and analysis of global IP activity. Detects known and emerging threats with high accuracy and discards gray noise traffic.

Our dynamic block lists, refreshed every 60 seconds, provide immediate defense against new threats by blocking malicious IPs at the firewall or WAF level. This ensures your systems are safeguarded against the latest exploits and potential compromises.

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Scalable security solution

Supports your security operations as your business grows. Reduces the need for additional personnel by automating routine tasks.

Detailed reports on IP activities and detected threats. Easy-to-understand insights for informed decision-making.


IP intent classification

Our IP Analysis scan tool provides detailed context for each observed IP address by scanning for specific vulnerabilities.

We classify each IP according to its behavior and identity, making it possible to quickly differentiate between harmless and malicious activity.

This feature streamlines alert triage, helping you focus on genuine threats while ignoring harmless scanners.