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E-Commerce: enhanced digital experiences

Shopping online is an activity that is completely integrated into our daily lives in a world defined by the internet. Customers expect speed, security, and consistency in their purchase process from any device, whether PC, mobile, or tablet.

Offering a personalized experience guarantees their satisfaction and loyalty. Transparent Edge offers e-commerce businesses an essential solution for their sites.

Speed and agility

Managing hundreds of thousands of potential buyers means having the ability to distribute content with agility and speed, ensuring performance and security and reducing loading times so that the shopping experience is not affected.


Our cutting-edge platform takes some of the logic of applications to the edge and improves the shopping experience on all devices, also ensuring continuity of service regardless of traffic spikes during sales or discount periods such as Black Friday. And all this with great ease of use for the IT teams of e-commerce companies.

Retaining Shoppers with Personalized Experiences

The website loading speed is essential to retain buyers. The advanced caching techniques of our  next-generation platform reduce times to a minimum. Additionally, we create personalized experiences with variables such as location, device type and language.

Our Edge A/B Testing segments users by defined typologies based on any characteristic of the request. And smart routing technology allows traffic to be routed to different origins.

We guarantee the high quality of the images

Knowing the product well before purchasing it is decisive and to do this you must show buyers quality images that contribute to the consistency of the purchasing experience.

Our i3 image optimizer transforms and serves images on the fly from the edge and allows you to take different images according to needs. It optimizes and processes them depending on the device, the browser and the internet connection to always offer the best possible option. In addition, it reduces the bandwidth consumed and increases the transmission speed.

We care about brand image and ecommerce reputation

Guaranteeing the continuity of the service even during periods of high traffic increase is not only essential to avoid losing income, but also to ensure the brand image and reputation of e-commerce.

Our edge cybersecurity platform allows you to move some of your application logic to the edge and manages traffic spikes. Additionally, it caches content to minimize latency as much as possible.

We guarantee the security of the website and transactions

Fraudulent activities in a world of increasing cyber threats are a major risk in e-commerce. Our platform’s next-generation CDN is the first line of defense. Its anti-DDoS systems tackle complicated denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks without impacting the shopper experience.

Our next-generation WAF analyzes traffic in real time for malicious requests and provides visibility into threats to take action. Additionally, we secure and encrypt data and transactions with TLS.

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We improve SEO and allow you to invalidate prices instantly

Loading speed is one of the elements that improve organic positioning. Google rewards high website performance and security, and using our CDN improves both.

In addition, you can cache dynamic content such as prices and inventory data without fear of it becoming obsolete because you can instantly invalidate it, including by tags.

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We give you control and metrics for decision making

Have a better understanding of the performance of the service, know the frequency of malicious requests that reach your website and the behavior of users.

We offer you the information from the logs in our panel in aggregate and in real time, but also in raw form to cross-reference it with other data. You will have useful and instant information about the behavior of your customers, which countries they arrive from, the status of your security and the performance of your e-commerce.