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Travel industry: security, speed and customization

Speed and security are key in the travel industry to deliver seamless and consistent digital experiences. Buying a plane ticket or booking a hotel room is a habit embedded in our connected lifestyle and customers demand a seamless experience from any device. Transparent Edge’s solutions ensure that exceptional performance and robust defense against cyber threats through its next-generation technology solutions.

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Speed and performance

Managing the load of thousands of potential travelers requires the ability to distribute content quickly and agilely. Our state-of-the-art CDN brings some of the application logic to the edge, enhancing the user experience across all devices. We guarantee consistent performance even in times of high demand, such as periods of special promotions or mass bookings.

Integral security

In an environment where all areas of the technological ecosystem are exposed to cyber-attacks to a greater or lesser extent, the concern is constant. Transparent Edge has different technologies to efficiently detect and mitigate cyber threats, without affecting the user experience and ensuring the security of transactions and customer data: anti-DDoS, WAF, anomaly detection and Bot Mitigation, among others.

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Attracts travelers with high quality images

Correctly displaying destinations and services is essential to attract and convince the user. Our i3 image optimizer transforms and serves images on the fly from the edge, adapting them according to device, browser and internet connection. This ensures the best image loading speed without affecting image quality, reducing the bandwidth consumed and contributing to the consistency of the booking experience.

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Build user loyalty with personalized experiences

Our smart routing technology delivers personalized experiences based on location, device type, and language, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also allows you to tailor content delivery based on market-specific legislation or offer criteria, and facilitates the ability to test, analyze, and compare different versions to make data-driven decisions with Edge A/B Testing.

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Protects travelers’ transactions and data

Protect your business and your customers’ data with Transparent Edge’s state-of-the-art solutions. Our CDN is the first line of defense, but we also offer an anomaly detection system to prevent and act on any sign of a threat; a robust anti-DDoS system to deal with complex denial-of-service attacks; a Bot Mitigation that detects and blocks the most dangerous and evasive bots; and a WAF that analyzes malicious requests in real-time and acts against them.

Updated information

Service availability and pricing are constantly evolving in response to movements in travel market demand. Dynamic content caching and instant invalidation by tags allows only the most up-to-date information to be provided to the user.

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Generate higher conversions

Our advanced caching techniques reduce delivery times to a minimum and give your site a fast navigation that the user feels comfortable experiencing. Loading speed is key to generate conversions and it is also vital to rank your page in search engines.

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Data-driven decision making

Our dashboard provides detailed information on service performance, threat frequency and magnitude, and user behavior. Make key decisions for your business through the insight provided by aggregated, real-time data from our advanced analytics.