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Performance, scalability, and security: Get the most of your technology resources and increase your operating profit. We are specialists in high-availability web systems and cybersecurity.

We work as part of your team to give you peace of mind about technology, acting as an orchestrator and single point of contact with your technology providers. We are your partner.


To us, cybersecurity is not an end in itself but an ongoing strategy in the development of organizations.

We implement controls and security measures to reduce the chances of success of potential cyberattacks and to protect critical information and data.


We manage the infrastructure that serves as the foundation for all Internet products. We make sure that it is properly dimensioned at every phase—avoiding excessive consumption and idle resources—and growing it whenever necessary.

We prevent and solve the accumulation of technical debt. And we prepare your organization to respond to cyberattacks and other security threats in an Internet-defined world.

We develop technical departments with turnkey projects, designing tailored solutions. We are agnostic on cloud technology and strong defenders of Open Source.


Todo proyecto es único para nosotros.

Every project is unique for us.

We adapt to every client. We work as part of your systems team and make sure you never have to worry about technology, allowing you to focus on your business strategy.

We are always available, even 24×7 if that’s what you need.

Our origen services

cloud architecture

We roll out and operate public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure for high-availability web platforms, giving them security, reliability, and scalability. We work with the main cloud providers.

  • We install and manage platforms. We analyze their functionality and find errors so we can design solutions for them.
  • We optimize the performance of web systems to make them fast, agile, and more competitive in production.
  • We configure systems to allow the content delivery network (CDN) to run at peak performance, which sets us apart from other edge computingcompanies.

red team

  • Security audits, vulnerability analysis, and pen testing.
  • We design and carry out attacks against our clients’ systems to detect security gaps: attacks on the website, on Wi-Fi and wired networks, on critical and/or military infrastructure, and simulations of DDoS attacks. This is in addition to our audits of cloud platforms and exercises in social engineering and identity theft.
  • We play the role of an attacker, using their tools and resources and replicating the scenarios an organization could face. This lets us evaluate their real capacity to protect critical assets, as well as their detection and response capacity. We provide essential information to design the defense.
  • Our team has been part of the Red Teams of some of the pioneer entities in Spain to implement these strategies.

blue team

  • Proactive defense against attacks.
  • We analyze computer systems to guarantee security, identify errors, and verify the implementation and effectiveness of every action.
  • We remain constantly vigilant. We work to continually improve security by tracking cybersecurity incidents and analyzing systems and applications.
  • We carry out audits in the cloud and on servers, stress tests, hardening and performance improvement, cost analysis of the platform, and analysis and optimization of network traffic.
  • AWe analyze the actual security status of organizations at the technical, regulatory, and procedural levels.
  • We help organizations understand, manage, and reduce their risks, and protect their networks and data. We provide a strategic vision of the lifecycle of the risk management process.

purple team

  • We integrally manage our clients’ infrastructure with security as a cross-cutting focus for all projects.
  • We rely on our knowledge of the different pieces that make up our clients’ architecture and applications.
  • Our Red Team and our Blue Team work together collaboratively to improve the all-around security of organizations.


  • People are the weakest link in cybersecurity. We train them and raise their awareness.
  • In an increasingly digitized work environment, it’s essential to understand the security risks we are exposed to (phishing, ransomware, etc.) and how they can be used to harm organizations.
  • TWe have vast experience teaching cybersecurity in companies, universities, and other institutions. We have trained security forces in Spain and abroad.

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