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Our services

Our services are intended to cover any customer web needs, from web page loading, data protection to content delivery. We make available to our customers a series of services that improve the quality of their business and the experience of their users. And we do all of this under the paradigm of edge computing, which brings data processing closer to the place where it originates.

We bring content to the end-user. It is the perfect solution to distribute content over the internet in an economic, fast, and secure way.More details
We bring the infrastructure closer to the end-users, thus improving the efficiency and speed of the process.More details
We offer a security solution as a service, protecting websites from the main known attacks through the most modern security techniques.More details
Centralizes access to resources, granularizes permissions, and has greater control over a fully distributed network of users in different geographical locations.More details
We are one more member of your systems team.More details

Edge Distributed Tools

Transparent APIOur API allows you to interact with information in real time and integrate the service with third-party tools. You will have essential information to make decisions in your business.
Edge delivery logs (RT)We deliver to our customers the different logs of the service in real time or programmed if requested.
Edge monitoringIntegrated solution in our dashboard and exploitable via API, where our customers have their metrics on the performance of CPU, disk, RAM, network, etc. within their distributed environment.
Edge Distributed DNSIt is a first-order DNS at the network level with a large number of functionalities, such as weights, filters by geographical location, or record failover. It is integrated into our panel.
Edge Deploy ServicesWe provide our customers with the ability to deploy code executed at the edge.

Our locations

Transparent Edge Services brings the content closer and improves the web experience for the end user thanks to our infrastructure distributed in different parts of the globe, which allows to assume large volumes of traffic and have lower latency. Our global network is located in:

Our locations

Transparent CDN brings the content closer and improves the web experience for the end user thanks to our infrastructure distributed in different parts of the globe, which allows to assume large volumes of traffic and have lower latency. Our global network is located in:

Estados Unidos:
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Texas
  • Montreal
  • Singapur
  • Hong Kong
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Paris
Reino Unido
  • London
  • Slough
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • Geneve
  • Zurich
  • Milan
  • Stockholm
  • Istanbul

Our services to detail

Transparent Content Delivery is the perfect solution to distribute content over the internet in a cost-effective, fast and secure way, allowing our customers to assume large volumes of traffic without making important investments in infrastructure.


Cloud based system

It responds to the needs of our customers' services at every moment and in a virtually unlimited and flexible way.


We provide our customers with an API rest

Large volumes

With Transparent Web Caching we are able to take on large volumes of traffic and support a large number of users.

Improve loading times

We reduce the loading times of the pages by up to 10 times, using the most innovative web caching techniques.


With service level agreements of 99.95%.

Distributed content

We have 33 points of presence distributed in strategic points of the globe.


We broadcast 24 x 7 with the highest quality all kinds of content thanks to our distributed service


We interact with any type of device, from desktops to tablets or smartphones from any manufacturer


We use techniques in order to ensure the rights over the contents of our customers, without interfering with the user experience

Real time

It is possible to show the user's interaction from the moment it is being produced.

Service monetization

We offer the possibility of monetizing the viewing of the content, using advertising and pay-per-view solutions

DRM integration

We support the protection of content through various third-party technologies.

Online Storage

We offer a storage space in the cloud where you can deposit your content


A simple channel to upload the contents or broadcast a live. In a few minutes and effortlessly you can be using our services


Transparent Statistics

Allows our customers to consult in real time the statistics of their websites and analyze usage trends

We cache static and dynamic content

with a two-layer structure (Mid-tier)

Instant Purge

In less than 5 seconds

Cache Warm Up

Refetching, Prefetching, invalidation automation.

Detection of blocked requests

Transparent Mobile Detection

content delivery depending on the device

Transparent SSC y SDC

Web caching technologies that allow us to improve the loading time of both static and dynamic elements in an intelligent way


sends the compressed content from the cache layer to the end user

Transparent Site Speed

Applies web perfomance best practices. Automatically transforms content "on the fly" optimizing the structure of HTML content

ESI Tags

We support ESI (Edge Side Includes) technology, to further optimize the loading speed and content of the pages.

We prevent malicious actions from reaching your server through Transparent Secure Layer, your first line of defense.


Traffic scrubbing

We filter the traffic that reaches the websites protecting them from possible attacks and damages


We notify of the attacks suffered by our customers


combination of the HTTP protocol with the TLS protocol used to establish encrypted communications on websites

URL filtering

We analyze the behavior of web applications and detect the abuse of possible vulnerabilities

Custom signatures

Transparent Secure Layer natively includes the Top 10 of OWASP signatures and complies with PCI DSS regulations


Web Application Firewall

Distributed applications firewall that protect your web from the main known attacks

Origin signature

We sign the requests that go through our systems so the origin server only attends that traffic. If someone wants access the source server directly. will not get an answer.

DDoS Mitigation

Transparent CDN's extensive infrastructure and design allow us to buffer distributed denial of service attacks

Transparent Transcoding Serviceallows converting videos on demand and direct to the necessary formats in order to be distributed to all devices. It is a scalable platform based on demand, so we reduce transcoding waiting times.
Transparent Live Streaming ServiceAllows you to broadcast live events thanks to the installation of ingest points, players and support so your events have a greater reach.
Transparent StorageOffers storage space in the cloud where you can deposit your content
Transparent iCubeOffers a dynamic image management solution, simplifying the receptive delivery of images through the creation of multiple versions of each image, serving the optimal version to each of the devices. We offer a wide range of effects and clippings on the fly, saving these images in our cache.
Transparent Storageofrece un espacio de almacenamiento en la nube donde podrás depositar tus contenidos


PUSH / PULL Origin.

We can use Transparent Online Storage for content storage and execute an optimal delivery in PUSH model, or use your origin in PULL mode. A third alternative, a mixed model in failover mode is also possible

HLS / HDS / DASH / MSS on the Fly.

From an MP4 file we are able to repackage the multimedia content and distribute it in the most suitable format following your needs.