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Get to Know Them

All customers are different, with different needs and an individual approach to the market. For this reason, we develop our platform based on each requirement, in order to offer a range of possibilities that help them improve their business and be reflected in its benefits.

Main areas of action

Digital media

Transparent CDN makes your news reach anywhere in the world in a faster and adapted to any device way. We give you speed in the delivery of web and media content with a caching structure in two layers (Mid tier), reducing the use of source servers. We have specific functionalities for the sector such as paywall, geoblocking, detection of devices for delivery of images, among others, with simple integration.


Transparent CDN improves your sales, as your users will have a better experience navigating your e-commerce, accelerating your web up to 20X with a system that caches static and dynamic content and at the same time transforms and optimizes your images. We update your content instantaneously (fast purging) and in case of any inconvenience, we keep your site operational for 6 hours.

Software & Technology

Transparent CDN facilitates the use and experience in the management of your software services. We have integration tools via API with environments such as PrestaShop, WordPress, Magento, etc. facilitating the deployment and set up of our platform.

Your content management systems and tools will be much more agile and efficient, in addition, safer.

Agencies and Advertising

Manage your campaigns with your customers in the most efficient possible way. Our technology will allow you to optimize costs, and deliver and manage your content with the best infrastructure suited to your needs.

We do not charge for the requests, nor for the HTTPs traffic, and we can even provide you a dedicated platform if you require extra privacy.

Some of our projects.

el confidencial EN20190711142557
rtve EN20190711142441
el español EN20190711142312
Agatha EN20190711142052
NAPPY EN20190711141947
ING EN20190711141734
Accenture EN20190711141505
Sunmedia EN20190711141243
ADSLZone EN20190711141106
Bitban EN20190711140851
Gasmobi EN20190711140502
Europa Press EN20190711140137
Funidelia EN20190711135900
Ackstorm EN20190711135702
BAB EN20190711135420
Bkool EN20190711135218
Corus EN20190711135008
BBVA EN20190711134722
Volcano Teide EN20190711134538
Kling EN20190711134343
Diari Ara EN20190711134109