Our company

We are an expert team in high-level technological solutions.

Transparent Edge Services empowers innovation and experiences that transform lives, providing integrated solutions based on the edge computing paradigm. We put developers at the center and work for them, giving them the resources for their success. We do it with an expert team, decentralized infrastructure spread across the globe, smart technology, and premium support.

Edge ComputingWe are at the edge of the network, bringing data and applications closer to the end-user with guaranteed security and performance.
Global PresenceOur DNA is European, but our presence is global. We have 43 points of presence (PoP) strategically distributed around the world.
ReliabilityWe provide support in Spanish and English, even 24 × 7, offering a complete coverage that helps with any type of incident (migration, provision, technical implementation, etc.)
More competitive businessesOur solutions impact business processes, reducing technology costs with a well-dimensioned use of the infrastructure.

European DNA

Transparent Edge Services is a European company committed to the development of the digital environment and to promoting the European technology sector at a time when companies from the continent are moving towards the configuration of a global leader.

Our existence responds to the need for content to be closer and closer to the end-user in a world transformed by the internet and in which it will continue to multiply exponentially.

We not only value our customers: we also respect yours and we never misuse their data or those of network users, always complying with European laws in this regard.


Our mission

We offer our customers the possibility of executing distributed services at the edge quickly and easily, providing them with the right tools to achieve their goals and supporting them from our extensive experience in this type of environment.

Our values

We play fair, we are flexible, transparent, reliable, and innovative. We put people at the center, encouraging them to make the lives of others easier. The proximity with the customer is our great competitive value. We are not just another supplier: we are your allies.

Our technology

We facilitate the day-to-day in a world linked to the internet. We help our customers to live up to theirs and ultimately improve people’s lives by getting closer and closer to the end-user.

Meet Transparent Edge Services team

Transparent Edge Services is more than technology: we are people who make life easier for others. Engineers and developers, but also experts in sales, finance, marketing, or communication. Our team is multidisciplinary and our experience in content distribution solutions (CDN), cybersecurity, and in web platform management consulting in distributed environments is extensive. Meet those who lead an expanding team in which innovation is at the center.

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